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Our unique business model positions us as a one-stop portal to the healthcare ecosystem,building upon an integrated technology platform, professional in-house medical team, network of quality healthcare service providers, diversified and evolving offerings of services and products, sophisticated consumer engagement strategies and well-established distribution channels, our solution primarily encompasses the following business segments:

•Family Doctor Services : Our family doctor services consist primarily of online consultation, hospital referral and appointment, inpatient arrangement and second opinion services by our AI-assisted in-house medical team and external doctors, as well as via our collaborative hospital network.

•Consumer Healthcare : We provide a variety of standardized service packages that integrate services at healthcare institutions to meet incremental, preventive and other health-related needs of our users, such as health check-ups, genetic testing and beauty care.

•Health Mall : Our health mall provides diversified and evolving product offerings, including healthcare products such as medicines, health supplements and medical devices, wellness products such as fitness equipment and accessories and personal care products, as well as other products.

•Health Management and Wellness Interaction : We devise various wellness programs, tools and activities and recommend personalized content to our users to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our Healthcare Ecosystem

Life Ecosystem

As a one-stop healthcare platform that delivers an integrated suite of services, we recognize the needs of our users both when they are in need of medical care and when they want to stay healthy. We focus on offering online family doctor services empowered by our AI Assistant and in-house medical team to our users who are looking for convenient and cost-effective healthcare solutions, and offer a variety of offline services via our network of healthcare service providers. We also collaborate with insurers in providing value-added services to policyholders that enable the synergistic integration of insurance and healthcare. Together, our ecosystem enhances the utilization efficiency of medical resources while providing superior user experience.

We are cultivating a network nationwide and globally that connects our users with our online healthcare platform as well as third-party healthcare service providers, such as hospitals, health check-up centers, pharmacies and physiotherapy centers.

Meanwhile, we provide our users with access to a wide spectrum of medical and wellness product offerings as well as personalized wellness contents and programs for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We continually strengthen our in-house medical team and develop our key technologies including the AI Assistant and information infrastructure to buttress our solution and improve the quality of care provided to our users.